New Features

The Policy Transfer Platform is constantly evolving: the community is growing and new case studies are published weekly. Features to enrich your user experience and more possibilities for exchange within the community are being developed further. Listed below are the latest innovations.

- Follow activities of the Sustainable Cities Collaboratory

The PTP provides a platform for SCC cities to document and report on their emblematic projects and to share knowledge, experiences and ideas on the practical implementation. Discover which cities emblematic projects will be peer-reviewed:

- Search case studies by SDGs

Our 240 case studies represent many concrete and transferable examples for the localization of the SDGs. Starting now, it is possible to use a SDGs filter on the platform to draw inspiration from initiatives implemented in other cities around the world.

- Like & comment case studies

Did you find a case study particularly inspiring and helpful for your work? Then we encourage you to share your experience with the PTP community, either by giving a „like“ to the case study or using the comment function, located at the bottom of each case study. The tool will be available in accordance with the new GDPR guidelines.

- Become a power user

Power users are PTP members who have contributed one or more case studies to the platform. As a result, your personal profile receives greater visibility on the platform and is also ranked higher in the search results. 

- Register as a community contact for local projects

If a project from your city is already on the platform and you would like  become the contact person, you can apply to do so directly on the case study page.  You will then be listed as a community contact, so other users can ask you questions directly via the platform’s internal messaging service.


Questions and comments?

We are interested in the way you work with PTP! Please leave a message and let us know if you have any questions via the contact form!