Mr. Mortazavian, Seyedparham

Urban Planning and Architecture

  • Berlin, Germany
  • Tehran, Iran

Language skills

Native or bilingual proficiency (I have a speaking proficiency equivalent to that of an educated native speaker)
Professional / Full working proficiency (I can speak fluently on a range of topics and can deliver public presentations at a normal rate of speech)
Limited working proficiency (I can participate in general conversations, understand formal written documents and can handle limited work requirements)

Last updated: 2017/09/23


I am passionate about how social practices create and change the urban space in different social, political and regulatory processes. I have worked on this theme which analyse space from the human geography perspective, on my Msc in Urban Management in Berlin and applied it to the City of Tehran. 
In addition, I have collaborated with a GIZ Project on Resilient Cities in Serbia, initiating an institutional and administrative framework for risk management analysis. Moreover, I worked in the field of co-housing and sustainable living initiatives in Id22: Institute for creative sustainability in Berlin. Upon completing my undergraduate studies in Architecture in Tehran, I was granted the opportunity to work at an upgrading and enabling company which allowed me to be involve in  the municipality of Tehran's urban renewal project in the slum-like Khazaneh district in the south of Tehran.