Ms. Poblet, Rossana

Architect and Urban Planner

  • Berlin, Germany
  • Lima, Peru

Language skills

Native or bilingual proficiency (I have a speaking proficiency equivalent to that of an educated native speaker)
Professional / Full working proficiency (I can speak fluently on a range of topics and can deliver public presentations at a normal rate of speech)
Limited working proficiency (I can participate in general conversations, understand formal written documents and can handle limited work requirements)

Last updated: 2017/08/21


My name is Rossana Poblet and I am architect and urban planner from Peru living in Berlin, Germany. As part of different multidisciplinary teams, I have developed urban planning and design proposals in metropolitan areas, emerging city-regions, cities in transition, contested areas and post-conflict areas in Africa, Latin America, South Eastern and Northern Europe. The research action projects I’ve been working with, focus on strategic urban planning and design, territorial and urban planning, ecological/green infrastructure, water-sensitive urban planning and design, urban-rural linkages -considering the water, energy and food provision nexus-, collective action and planning for resilience.  I've been part of the MIT Metrolab Initiative and I am interested in exchanging and contributing to the Metropolis platform.