Mrs. Derhy-Vieman, Michal

Founder of "MELACH" - A custom designed urban experience studio, and a product designer.

  • Haifa, Israel

Language skills

Native or bilingual proficiency (I have a speaking proficiency equivalent to that of an educated native speaker)
Professional / Full working proficiency (I can speak fluently on a range of topics and can deliver public presentations at a normal rate of speech)
Elementary proficiency (I have a basic understanding of the language)

Last updated: 2018/05/14


At MELACH, we believe that the best way to create synergy between a city and its residents is to emphasize the city’s unique qualities and idiosyncrasies. We conduct in-depth research into a city’s unique DNA by exploring cultural and environmental features and once we have identified untapped potential, we create tailored urban designs to take advantage of the city’s features.