Ms. Lewin, Mary

Retired (formerly, Regional Manager, Metropolis Asia and the Pacific)

  • Melbourne , Australia

Language skills

Native or bilingual proficiency (I have a speaking proficiency equivalent to that of an educated native speaker)

Last updated: 2018/05/14


Mary Lewin retired recently from the Victorian Government Department of Planning and Community Development (for Melbourne), following an extensive career in corporate planning and in international affairs which included Melbourne’s successful bid to host the Metropolis 1990 congress and securing its position as a leading member in the Association.

In her leading role Mary directed a number of Metropolis projects in partnership with international agencies, research institutes, the corporate sector, NGOs as well as national, regional and municipal governments.

- Integrated Strategic Planning and Public Private Partnerships (2014)

- Managing Metropolitan Growth (2011)

- Metropolitan Performance Measurements (2008)

- Enhancing and Maintaining Water Quality for Metropolises (2002)

- Airports and Surrounding Zones as Catalysts of Metropolitan Development (1999)

She was also influential in transforming Metropolis into a decentralized organisation with robust governance systems in place.

Mary has accumulated extensive experience in global relationship-building and in leading international urban and environmental projects. Her goal is to assist city managers in dealing with the challenges of rapid urban growth through the exchange of information and expertise.