Ms. Moring, JM

Programme Manager

  • Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Leicester, United Kingdom
World Habitat

Language skills

Professional / Full working proficiency (I can speak fluently on a range of topics and can deliver public presentations at a normal rate of speech)
Limited working proficiency (I can participate in general conversations, understand formal written documents and can handle limited work requirements)
Elementary proficiency (I have a basic understanding of the language)

Last updated: 2018/03/01


Programme Manager at World Habitat, developing and coordinating knowledge transfer activities such as the international peer exchanges to the World Habitat Award winning projects. Holds a MSc degree in Environmental Governance from Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg in Germany and a Post Graduate Certificate on Architecture: Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies from the Centre for Alternative Technology. Past experience includes environmental awareness-raising in Vietnam, doing initial research on integrating climate change adaptation and watershed management in Laos, and working in the private sector in China and in the Philippines.